i was right.

It was a virus of some sort...and now my grandfather has it. Tell you what...he may be 84, but that guy is LOUD when he throws up. Poor guy. We all went to Epcot Center today for a family outing, something we've always wanted to do as a family but never got around to doing. I really had a good time...it was fun just hanging out with my famliy, being goofy, just like we used to on our annual trips to Cedar Point. Poppas was doing pretty well today...I pushed him around in a wheelchair, and he flirted with the elderly ladies in wheelchairs, greeting them with a loud, but friendly "Howdy!" every time we passed one. However, about a half hour before we left, he suddenly got very ill and threw up in a plastic bag in a gift shop.

Time to go home.

As I write this, sitting in my sister's office, I can hear him in the bathroom now...I'd better go check on him.



At 00:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so darn cute when you talk about your grandpa. You obviously care for him very much. Hope you're feeling better.


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