kak si, priyatel?

i don't know what your e-mail address is these days, but i do know that this is an important milestone birthday, and you are in my thoughts today.

just wanted you to know i only wish you success, health, and happiness in your life. and i mean that with all my heart.

kak shte kazhesh tova na bulgarski, chestit rojden den?




At 08:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chad, Up until today, I had what I thought was an every day kinda crush on you. But this morning I checked out some of your photos and writing, and it seems that I now find myself secretly wishing inside that you were my boyfriend, and, all the while, hoping that the butterflies I get in my stomach on those rare occassions when our paths cross wont make me too shy to approach you the next time I see you. Maybe today?

At 12:57, Blogger monsoux said...

Chad has got a secret admirer, who will be less secret as the day concludes. What will Chris say? Stay tuned... (boy, I must be a wicked version on Dee-Dee)

At 22:31, Blogger Tina said...

Hi, I really have nothing to comment on in this entry but I wanted you to know that I commented on your last entry. :B


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