apartment shopping in the tenderloin

A wonderful Monday evening to all. This weekend was pretty fun, but I kinda messed up a couple times and totally forgot stuff.

And that's about as far I care to go into that, thank you.

On Saturday, Daigle and I went to look at an apartment that caught his eye. After hearing about another property he was interested in, I wanted to go along to make sure it wasn't a total shithole.

I was pleasantly surprised. On the outside, it's quite an elegant-looking, urban apartment building...quite similar to something you might see in New York. As always, click on any picture to enlarge it.

The building is freshly painted on the inside, and has brand-new carpeting in the hallways and on the stairs.

I almost forgot we were in the Tenderloin until I saw this posted in the back service stairwell:

I swear I almost peed in my pants when I saw that. However, I resisted. I just didn't want to be mistaken for a local from the neighborhood.

The apartment Daigle looked at is a large studio that faces an interior courtyard. The hardwood floors are absolutely pristine:

The crapper is small, but has a tile floor and marble shower (pic is a bit blurry):

There is even a little escape hatch for Daigle's tricks:

The kitchen isn't bad either...nice tile counters and a newer stainless steel sink.

In addition to a large walk-in closet with the sliding mirror doors (visible in the hardwood floor photo), there is also another small closet next to some built in shelves and a small buffet.

Heat is provided by this small, yet quite ornate radiator.

Too bad there's not much of a view. Good neighbor-watching, though. Plus, I have a suspicion Daigle is going to be putting on his own reality show every single night. Stay tuned!

Afterward, we went to the local gay watering hole right around the corner, The Gangway, which is probably my favorite dive bar in all of San Fran-freaking-cisco, and has been for quite some time now. The San Francisco Bay Guardian once described it like this:

A trip to the local dive bar is the perfect pick-me-up for the poor and egocentric drinker. You're usually the youngest, best-dressed, and best-looking person in the place if you're under 50, have both eyes, and have updated your wardrobe since 1987. The drinks are half the price of those at bars where they actually clean the bathrooms, and often twice as strong.

Daigle and I walked in, and made ourselves comfortable.

Pitchers of MGD were $9. Daigle bought one, and poured me a nice refreshing glass of that goddamn cheap-ass piss beer.

The bathroom was kinda filthy, but at least it upheld California law by posting this on the paper towel dispenser. It's nice to know they wash their hands...even after breathing.

We hung out there for a while. The bartender's boyfriend brought their little Jack Russell inside, where one of the trannies sitting at the bar with us offered it a weenie stick.

I so love the Tenderloin.

Anyway, Daigle loves the place, and has put in his application for it. Keep your fingers crossed, won't-cha?

Oh, and in response to the several dozen people who emailed me and asked me to post more pictures of myself (which I loathe doing), here's a bone I'm tossing your way:

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