I just found a faulty copy of an old cd I burned for my sister, and one of the songs was "We Like To Party" by the Venga Boys. Smiling, I listened to it for about 10 seconds, but immediately had to turn it off.

The only thing I could think of was this little freak dancing around:

If you live in Northern California you know exactly what I'm talking about.



At 16:24, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, Honey. That little freak dances around in Ohio too! I love him! LOL!

At 20:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ya that freak has been dancing here in NYC too...

At 04:25, Blogger Michael said...

I was going to read your entire blog, really, I was. But It is now 4:23am and I have class in the morning. I was going to try yoga but... don't think it's gonna happen now, thanks to you and your blog. By the way, I like the Rice-A-Roni introduction to your webpage. I'll be back.


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