sorry, scott.

i feel loved. :-)

readenn: dear chad of chad fox dot com
Auto response from Chadfoxdotcom: zzzzzzzzz. mama tired. i all passeded out.
readenn: aww
readenn: fuck



At 12:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Chad, I'm your secret admirer from before. This is now the second time I write to you. Your bobyfriend Chris shouldn't worry, though. I am no threat as I'm too shy to let you know who I am. I will just continue to dream of the day that I can sneak up to you from behind, wrap my arms tightly around your slender body, hold you close to mine...while I kiss the beautiful nape of your neck...while smelling the aroma of your hair. Heaven!

At 14:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Back online, after so much time, I was browsing the blogs in search of a trace of Chad's anonymous admirer, pretty much like Dee Dee when Dexter was saying "don't touch that button, you don't imagine what it can *explosion noise... do", and I was struck by a wild supposition. What if Chris was Chad's secret admirer?! Then I revisited the series of comments previously exchanged... What do you think?

At 20:50, Blogger Chox said...

i think it's a very, very sweet thought...and for a second, i actually considered it. it made me smile, even.

however, i seriously doubt chris is my secret admirer. in fact, i'm pretty sure of it.

but it's a cute thought nonetheless... ;-)

At 00:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

either way, you are luckier than our average Joe


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