I need to get out of San Francisco again, to decompress, do some writing, take some photos, and relax.

In about a half hour, Chris A., our friend Jon and his new boyfriend, and yours truly are hopping in the Jag and driving to Yosemite. Chris A.'s boyfriend waa supposed to go as well, but decided not to go at the last minute. Seems there's room for me now, so I'm going.

It seems that everywhere I look, I see walls and windows. The horizon is never more than a few blocks away at most, and it's usually less than 100 feet away. Sometimes, that can get a bit claustrophobic.

I need to get away from all these cars and buildings...and relax for a few days in Yosemite. I've never been there, but I'm looking forward to it.

It'll be nice to get into some open space for a change...don't get me wrong, I love urban environments, but sometimes you need a little sunshine and fresh air.

Instead of urban canyons, I'll be looking at El Capitan, and maybe some bears, who knows?

Chris A. asked me to do some of the driving. His car has so many buttons...in that photo I'm trying to figure out how to release the parking brake without popping the hood...Jaguars are so quirky like that.

But tell you what, they're pretty damn stylie.

See you all on Thursday.

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