back from the southland

russian hill summit, 2005 -- by chad

You know, I love Los Angeles. I really do. I had such a blast this weekend...I really don't want to get into it right now, but it was fun.

Kinda sleazy at times, but fun nonetheless.

However, sometimes that city just aggravates me. People down there can be so wierd, they walk up to you and say, "Wanna fuck?" and then you proceed to the copulation part of the evening. I will admit I got hit on left and right down there, but only because I was a "new guy" down there. Thank god I met some friendly people at The Abbey in West Hollywood who bought me all these green apple martinis and got me a bit drunker than I had planned.

Then, try driving around LA. It's maddening. Cars cars cars cars cars...everywhere you look. The light turns green, you drive about 10 feet, then you stop again. Stop and go, inch forward, stop again. It's like you spend a huge chunk of your life behind the wheel of your car.

Not so in San Francisco, where I am proudly and happily car-free.

The thing that struck me the most as I went out for my latte this morning at Victoria Pastry at Stockton and Vallejo, was how crystal-clear blue the sky was. The air smelled clean and fresh. It was about 15 degrees cooler than LA, and quite comfortable. The humidity level was low. LA had been muggy and hazy this weekend...I don't mind that, I didn't really notice it until I saw how clear and clean the air was here this morning.

The morning sun was punching the walls of the buildings that surrounded me quite beautifully...it was almost as if the bay windows were smiling and taking in all the morning warmth and light. It was then I realized what a beautiful place I live in. Even the bad neighborhoods are beautiful in their own way. Most of all, I like the feeling I get when driving across the Bay Bridge after being in Los Angeles. The city unfolds on your right as you cross the suspension span, and I know (traffic permitting) it takes less than 5 minutes to drive to my front door from the center of the west span of the bridge.

This is good knowledge, especially if I have to pee.

I don't dislike Los Angeles, I really don't. I love the place.

I just think I love San Francisco more.

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