happy birthday, sean!

Today my good buddy Sean turns the big 3-0. I took those pictures when he was my roommate in Russian Hill for about 3 months.

Sean B. is probably the gayest straight guy I've ever met. He is a totally smooth mofo, he's classy, treats women with respect and dignity, has completely blown my mind on numerous occasions with his depth and insight, and has taught me the wisdom of paying for drinks with a $50 bill.

I'm lucky to have him as a friend.

I suspect after the party in the Mission tonight, he's going to look like this:



At 19:20, Blogger dAAve said...

1) if that shadow is a penis, you weere talking into the balls

2) you should memorialize your old phone -- get one of those 3-D display boxes and put it in there and hang it on the wall.

At 06:23, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what IS the wisdom in paying for drinks with a $50 bill? 'Fess up! I'm curious!


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