tragic puerility

Why, I ask, WHY does my inner 15 year-old snicker every time I see this sign? It's a "massage parlor" (whorehouse) in North Beach on the edge of Chinatown.

Inside, it's not so funny, apparently. I googled the place and found this review:

Suk Hee: On Broadway in the middle of Chinatown. Tiny lobby, small rooms. This was still a Southeast Asian place in the summer. But mostly Koreans as of December. Not recommended for now because the people in there just don't care. About 8 or 9 girls sitting around a small room in their underwear playing Asian dominoes. God has not been kind to their faces. Linda, Bebe, and Erica are all gone. Maybe they will be back next summer.



At 17:50, Blogger Mariana said...

Sometimes I wonder if they pick these kind of names in all innocence...

Although of course in many cases they do. I'll never forget a story I read once, about a guy who warned a lady friend of his, who was Asian, that maybe she shouldn't be wearing a certain apron.

On it, written in English, was "I am the best cat in the the cat house," or something similar. When he explained to her how this could be construed she was horrified and threw it away.

At 15:21, Blogger Alexa said...

That's what happens to the girls that stay there too long. But massage parlors always get new girls.

At 14:54, Anonymous jesse said...

suk hee


At 14:54, Anonymous jesse said...

suk hee



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