almost done.

I'm wrapping up my Cleveland visit...it's been nice leaving my cellphone in my suitcase and not being anywhere near a computer with internet access. It's been quite grounding, and an eye-opening experience to be honest. Cleveland is actually a really cool place, with grounded, honest, beautiful, and most of all...real people living here. What you see is what you get...no bullshit, no facades. They tell it like it is to your face whether you like it or not, then will hand you a beer and light your cigarette.

I've got to hang out with some old friends here (but not all the ones I wanted to see), and I've met some incredible new people. It's renewed my faith in this city...smack in the middle of a blue county in a red state.

I've also realized just what "Dirty Cleveland" can mean. More on that later.

I'll write all about it when I get back to San Francisco...but right now, a winter storm is coming, a front is pushing through, and the rain outside has just turned into snow. I have to run down to my sister's place to change my clothes and get ready for my grandfather's birthday dinner.

Hopkins might be closed tomorrow morning due to snow; I might be staying here longer than I anticipated...we'll see.



At 15:06, Anonymous Lea said...

Hey Chad,

Sounds like you are getting a much needed break. Cheers!

Sorry to read about your your grandma. Funerals are so bittersweet, in the midst of your grief you get to see lots of people that you don't see often enough . . .it's so nostalgic, sad and comforting at the same time. You cry and you smile and you laugh. It's life. Weddings, births, funerals an all the stuff in between. . . .

Hope you don't get snowed in, but the weather here is not sounding good for flying tomorrow.

At 15:11, Blogger Alexa said...

I hope you're able to get out. The weather is horrible!

At 16:35, Anonymous jen said...

i just saw your blog (from carigslist) damn, you're pretty hot...hope you're having a good time.

At 21:03, Anonymous Ms. Juliana Horatio Jones-Singh Brown said...

you're fucking gay. spam craigslist again, and i'll have my brother who works for GOOGLE (which owns BLOGGER) delete your crappy blog.

1. you use a template. how gay
2. your site's name is your gay name. how gay.

you suck.. dick that is!!!

At 05:30, Blogger Dantallion said...


I'm really glad that a trip that was being made under less than stellar circumstances has left you feeling so positive - says a lot about you - (and Cleveland too, I suppose!)

At 15:53, Blogger Brechi said...

glad you're having some fun there. rock on.

At 00:47, Blogger rich said...

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