I just checked my hit counter, and it seems I am getting tons and tons of hits from this craigslist post. Now, I know better than to promote a blog on the San Francisco rants-n-raves section on craigslist...I know someone who did it, and they got tons of hate mail from the rants-n-raves crowd. I'm scared of you people!


So please...don't trash my blog. I have no idea who posted that, so please don't be evil. I'm a really nice person, kind of an idiot sometimes, and I've just had a really shitty week, so please...show me some love.

And as far as the picture of me on that CL post goes, it's referring to this post from a week ago tonight. So if you just want to know why that chick is about to lick my nipple, then just go directly there. If you want to say something nice, please go ahead. If you think I suck ass, please just send me an email directly telling me so. If you are feeling violent and wish to do me bodily harm, please click here and be saved.

I feel like I need to hide. Here...here's a funny picture of Bullwinkle I took off my TV. Everypne loves Bullwinkle! He makes you happy!

Just don't hurt me.



At 01:33, Blogger Mariana said...

Yeah, leave him alone, the power of Annie's "Bless your Heart" Page compels you!

What a great link Chad, thanks for posting it! :D

At 06:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't remember how I found your blog (not from craigslist - random surfing) but I'm glad I did. Especially loved the 'bloody mary' audio - it sounded like goodtimes! Peace Chad, Pete x

At 06:17, Blogger ericorbit said...

hehe... funny, although i would hate it if my blog was posted in RnR's.... especially in Boston - I used to read them all the time and the craigslisters in this city are vicious, vicious cunts.

At 07:12, Blogger Matthew said...

I do love Bullwinkle.

Rocky: "Bullwinkle, I'm worried."
Bullwinkle: "Rating of the show down again?"
Rocky: "No."
Bullwinkle: "...that's odd."


At 11:27, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nobody's gonna attack you. If they do, there will be war.

(and no, that wasn't a challenge. I'm Canadian, after all.)



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