feeling the love

untitled, 2004 -- by chad

I had my computer powered down most of the day today - obvious reasons, topic already covered. When I finally checked my mail, I was really surprised to find a lot of e-mails bearing kudos and Valentine's Day greetings from not only friends, but people I didn't know from all around the world.

So I just want to say thanks to everyone, and you have no idea how much better you made this person in San Francisco feel.

Carl and Will and Byron, your e-mails made me misty. Nate, love you too. I always will. Kristofer123, he's not my boyfriend anymore but you can come over and rip my underwear if you want. I have a pair of his we can tear up...and thanks for the butt pic. That was sweet. Kiks, your e-mail stopped make me feel misty and made me smile. Joey, we can vaporize later this week and you can call me a lesbian as much as you want. Pet Amber for me and tell her Uncle Chad misses her.

Finally...I went down to my mailbox, where I found my one and only valentine I got this year...from my mom. Standing there, on the front stoop, the tears finally fell...and I felt loved.

Thanks, mom. I knew you wouldn't forget. Love you and miss you, too.

Oh, now I'm all vahklempt. I need a moment...talk amongst yourselves!

Here's a topic: Why the hell does the 14 Mission always smell like shu-shu?




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