change of plans

Well, I had plans tonight, but guess what?

They've changed.

So now, I have a lot of free time I set aside for someone else, who decided he's tired and not showing up. Guess I'll have to find something else to do. Maybe go out and do this:

And hang out with some trannies like this:

And this:

And dance around a little like this:

But not drink too much of this:

Or this:

Because then I start doing things like this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

I'll begin doing this:

End up feeling like this:

And turn out like this:

And you wouldn't want that now, would you?

Okay...I have to go. I've got my "dirtywhiteboy" t-shirt on. I want to see my friends. I want to dance. The night is young.

And San Francisco awaits. :-)



At 21:50, Blogger Knottyboy said...

Doesn't a steaming pile of crap just mean that you've processed everything well?

That nipple does look scrumptious

At 22:18, Blogger wah said...

love love love the shots!!!
you can go out for me.
i'm too lazy and it's
too cold outside. maybe
if i drag an outdoor heater
with me on a wagon.
love you.

At 22:33, Blogger Lee said...

LOL! Love it!

At 00:01, Blogger Mariana said...

Does EVERYONE who puts on big glsses with colored lenses look IMMEDIATELY like Elton John? :D

At 07:02, Blogger Brechi said...

haha...great pics. sexy too...and i was gonna say i like the EJ look, but I guess gatochy beat me to it.

At 07:57, Blogger Logan said...

"hi, i'd like a chad, please."
"with the attached keychain or without?"
"with. i'd like to be able to carry him in my pocket at all times."

At 08:42, Anonymous Brian said...

Big red glasses are one thing, but exposed muscley armpits? I need to sit down now.

At 10:28, Blogger teh l4m3 said...

Hahaha Chad. Now it's Saturday morning -- time for liquid breakfast at Gangway?

lolz teh l4m3

At 00:17, Blogger Michael said...

Holy shit. You're blogs always leave me laughing or crying. Can I move to San Francisco and be your slave?

At 00:20, Blogger Michael said...

I just was looking at our musical tastes. Guess what!? We both like "Bread". I don't know it that's good or bed. bac. bad. (I've been drinking.)

At 00:40, Blogger Jon said...

Now that looks like fun. 'Good times', as Jerri Blank would say :D

At 04:45, Blogger lonukste said...

Great pics, lovin' the shades ! x

At 09:29, Blogger mcSey said...

Great photo essay. I LMAO.


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