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line dance, 2004 -- by chad

(much thanks to Rich, who provided the inspiration for the title of that photograph)

This has been the strangest, emotionally exhausting, and stressful week I've had in a long, long time. Emotionally, I'm drained. I'm at a crossroads in my life right now, and I have to choose a path. Thing is, each path is dramatically different than the other, and being a libra, it's extremely difficult to decide what's best for me. I can follow my heart, or trust my anger and common sense. I'm behind on my phone calls, voicemails, e-mails, all while trying to keep up with work (three new jobs coming in this week...I have three websites to build).

It all took its toll yesterday, as I suddenly fell ill with a fever of 103. I just want to thank my friend Nathan for stepping up to the plate, and for coming to take care of me last night. Otherwise, I would have been all alone in my apartment, with no fever reducers at all (apparently, there's no more in my apartment...I was not aware of this), ravenously hungry, and somewhat loopy.

Nathan, you've shown me what being a friend is all about, and I thank you. Thanks for being there when other people couldn't (or wouldn't).

I felt a little better this morning, so I went to the gym and actually had a great workout. I felt good for about an hour, but as I write this, my temperature is back up to 102. I popped another Advil and I'm hoping for the best.

What rankles me the most is I have a ticket to the Scissor Sisters concert at the Warfield Theater tonight. Last time I was in there was in 1997, when I saw Anything But the Girl with my ex, Michael. Well, we weren't exes then, but we were soon to be. Anyway...this will be the third time I've seen the Sisters, the past two times at the The Fillmore and Slim's. They put on a hell of a show...high-energy and quite exciting, and it's fun to see Ana Matronic up there as a big rock star, when I remember her performing at Trannyshack 8 years ago.

So, I'm just hoping this Advil kicks in and I feel well enough to go. At this moment, I feel like my head is some mylar balloon that's about to pop. Well, I'm going no matter what (ticket was goddamn expensive) and I'd rather feel good than like crap tonight.

Ack. I just wrote a really whiny paragraph, and I deleted it before I posted it. I need a nap.



At 21:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hei sorry to hear about ur fever, hope u feel well enough to watch the sistors. THEY ROCK!

anyway, just another avid reader of ur blog here. been following it for quite some time now and its time to break the silence lol. love ur underwear post too btw *wink*


At 00:32, Blogger Josie said...

Hi Chad, sorry to hear about you not feeling well in more ways than one lately. Get well soon and things will work themselves out in time. Have faith and believe in yourself. Take care, Jo

At 13:07, Blogger Mariana said...

You're definitely on your way to pr0n stardom, Chad! ;)
I hope you're feeling better now. And I love this photo you took of the street dappled in light, it's beautiful and it looks really professional.

At 06:47, Blogger shower said...

great photo!

the SHOWER Room


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