my modeling debut.

Yes, that's me in the gray shirt. And yes, that's my boyfriend I'm with there. And no, I wasn't really doing what you all think I'm doing in that picture.

But I was close!


To see that picture in its proper context, go to juanitamore.com. Click on her lips. Then, from the menu on the left hand side, click on STORE. Scroll down a few items to MOREboy Runner.

Then add a pair to your cart. :-)

They're a great gift idea!



At 01:46, Blogger JayMaster said...

Thanks for this Chad - together with the picture of Michael your blog is turning into tottie central! Jay x

At 01:48, Blogger Chox said...

Tottie! I love that word!

At 08:16, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Xangarian again, and your photo gonna rock your text blog... LOL :P

At 08:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeeezus... that is so. sexy. zowie.

At 10:50, Blogger Michael said...

My mother would not approve of my new friends.

At 12:40, Blogger Jase said...

Love the.. hair style. ;)

At 09:31, Blogger Jon said...

Hey, what's that you're doing? Checking for moles, right? ^_^

At 09:47, Blogger Chox said...

Moles. Yeah, that was it. :-D

At 09:52, Blogger Pearl Fang said...

I've dated my share of sleestacks. I'm always attracted to the soundtrack that tells when they are nearby.
The fact that you aren't doing the same thing that you were when you were 19 is what makes you a sellout, if I am correct according to the rules of the 25 year old. I think the point is that you aren't supposed to grow AT ALL. Plus, you drink highbrow fat tire beer and not 40 oz malt liqour. Sell-out. You probably voted for Bush. You'll probably break up with your hot boyfriend to marry a Baptist minister's blonde daughter, have a boy and a girl, and move to Connecticut. You should want to be one of those old guys at clubs who surrounds himself with young nubile bodies and still does coke at 50. Its the only way to stay "pure". But, ahhh, the first punk rock boyfriend. Good times, good times.

At 15:40, Blogger Ryan said...

so hot! wow


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