hmmm...i dunno...maybe

I just got this e-mail in my myspace inbox:

Hi Chad,

We are currently casting for FX series "30 DAYS", a documentary-style, unscripted series from award-winning filmmaker Morgan Spurlock. Show adapts for TV the concept of Spurlock's critically-acclaimed "Super Size Me".

We are looking for a gay male between the ages of 30 - 40 who lives alone in San Francisco and would be interested in being part of a documentary series by sharing your life and home with a roommate for 30 days. If you are interested or want to know more about the documentary please contact me through myspace or at the information below, I would also need a short description of yourself, where you work, what you do for fun.

Thank you,

Hmmm...do I really want my dirty laundry aired out for the FX audience to see? Would they move some douchebag or would I get to choose my roommate? If I tell them exactly what I do for fun are they going to make fun of me or think I'm some sicko? Would they photograph my good side? Would I have to share my bed or will my roommate sleep on my couch? Would I have to clean up my pottymouth? Would they make sure the guy messed with me on a daily basis so they'd get one good shoutfest out of me? (I grew up Catholic in Cleveland in a loud family...I can, and have, bellow like Archie Bunker if I need to.)

To be honest, I have no idea what I am going to do. On one hand, it'd be an excuse to motivate myself to finally fix up and paint my kitchen, which is more or less a grungy, grimy storage/broom closet with cabinets, stove, fridge, a small counter, and a sink. On the other hand, sharing my home with someone I don't know, pretty much standard fare for me when I first moved to San Francisco (I'm on my 9th address in 2 area codes in 9 years) is now, in 2005, a strange concept to me. Besides, my apartment is kind of wierd layout-wise. I'd also have to keep it spotless for the cameras, 'cause there's no way I'd let anyone who watches FX think my dirty laundry sometimes piles up and spreads around my room or I leave the occasional wine glass in the living room!

I'm going to sleep on this one and give this guy a call tomorrow.



At 12:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it could help with your blogger mission statement of becoming obscenely famous. hey i'd watch!

sounds kind of fun, how often do opportunities like that come along. just watch out it isn't one of those ones that promise you a million dollars to see how low you would stoop morally and then you end up with something like, um, nothing.


At 12:53, Blogger Michael said...

I would procede with caution. These people do not have your best interest at heart, they have ratings at heart, and they will do whatever it takes to get good rating.
On the other hand, you would be able to call yourself a "reality show celebrity!" For what it's worth - just ask Dan.

But if you do end up getting picked to do this thing, can I have a guest appearance? ;-)

At 13:00, Blogger Jase said...

Very cool. However, I agree about the ratings.. but you can finally have your 15 mins of non-internet fame! If you're lucky, you'll get a cult following and be forever burned on mass market DVD's!

At 13:37, Blogger Matthew said...

I agree with Jesse. How often would you have a chance to do something like this? And it's only for 30 days. What could possibly happen in 30 days? (Of course if that's the title of the documentary, you might want to be cautious after all.)

A little gem of advice for someone in your situation:
"Hey if they ask you to take off your shirt, get the money first." ~Annette Atkins, Drop Dead Gorgeous.

At 14:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude - I had no idea you had a blog until I saw a click thru from you site on my stats today.

I wouldn't do it myself because I need my quiet time like always. My friends would be over constantly trying to get in front of the camera. Hell, my mom would come to visit even. It would be a party every night - let's get smashed and ans see how long the new roomie lasts.

Hmmm - then again.

Anyway - glad I found your blog.

- Aaron aka 1000 Words and More

At 01:19, Blogger krenneke said...

if you decide to do it, please pass all your insider observations on to me :)

At 07:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The concept appears to be to drop someone into a situation that is totally foreign - even undesirable - to them and watch them squirm.

I've never seen the show. Are they trying to build bridges between vastly different personal realities and, in that small interpersonal exchange, bring the world that much closer to universal peace and understanding? Or are they trying to screw the show's unknowing cast while huffing foot powder and giggling like children in the editing booth?

I would think that you'd be the "safe" one (not the one they're trying to embarrass) since they've asked about you and your home. Sounds like they want to drop Jerry Falwell into Liberace's velvet playroom or a variation thereof.

Oh hell. Shup, Panzo. Just go for it, Chad. It's TeeVee!


At 09:25, Blogger jdubbs said...

Why bother with a TV show? Chad, I'd be happy to move in with you for a month, share your bed, smell your undies, and videotape every moment of it. And I'm sure I'm much more fun than whatever 300 pound bible-beating hillbilly they're going to stick you with.

Clearly, you have to do it. The TV show, I mean. Not me. But it would be nice if you did me too.

At 14:31, Blogger monsoux said...

It looks like you are getting there. And you are old enough to read a contract. One word for you: wow!


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