This is fading quickly from my mind (as my nightly dreams usually are prone to do) but I'll recount as much of this as I can here.

Last night I slept at Chris's place, as I usually do post-Trannyshack, and I had the strangest dream that actually ended with me waking up laughing. That doesn't happen very often; usually I wake up silently, sometimes screaming, or sometimes completing a sentence out loud that I started while still asleep and dreaming (that sometimes can be pretty random). Yes, I dream in full color and there is usually dialogue going on between me and the characters of my dreams.

So here is what I can remember about my dream: it took place in some strange commune, some sort of modern mansion (yet still under construction) with a large greenhouse filled with plants. You had to walk through the front door of this building a certain way, and if you used the wrong door or didn't walk through a certain way, a woman would come up to you with a hose and yell, "DECON!" and spray you with a decontaminating foam, kind of like a fire extinguisher except it came from a garden hose. For some reason, in the dream I was around 12 years old, and good friends with Alex Winter, who was also 12 (although he's 5 years older than me in real life). Alex suddenly went completely apeshit and decided he wanted to kill everyone. I ended up talking him out of it, and the commune people put him through some sort of brainwashing program so he wouldn't destroy everything inside the greenhouse.

This is where everything starts to get fuzzy...I should have written it all down when I got up this morning!!!

Anyway, the part that made me laugh was when Alex and I walked out the front door of the commune place and down a yellow brick road (okay, stop snickering). Suddenly, a 10-foot tall man made of grass (or straw...can't really remember now) came up to me and threatened me. I was startled at first, then kicked him in the leg. It disintegrated, because he was made of grass. I laughed and said, "Get away from me, Grassman! You can't hurt me!"

"Fuck you!" yelled Grassman.

"No, fuck YOU!" yelled Alex.

I then pushed Grassman into a rain barrel (when was the last time anyone had a rain barrel in their dream?) where Grassman said, "You stupid fuck! Now I'm all wet!"

"You shouldn't have fucked with me then!" I yelled back in my 12 year-old voice.

"Arrrrr! You fuckity fuck-fucker!" yelled Grassman, and this is when I woke up laughing.

Two things you should notice here...I was NOT the first one to say "fuck" in the dream; Alex and Grassman had much filthier mouths than I do. Also, I was not laughing an "evil" laugh at Grassman, it was more of an amused giggle more than anything else. I guess the concious part of me thought a 10 foot-tall man made of grass glaring at you from a cartoonish rain barrel (when was the last time anyone say one of those, anyway?) was just goofy and funny.

God knows why my brain makes up stuff like that.

I told Chris about this dream this morning on the subway, and he looked at me, rolled his eyes, and just shook his head. I don't blame him; it's the most random and fakakta dream I've had in a long time. Maybe I should have drank Coronas instead of those 2 Budweisers last night (yes, I only had two...it was a school night). Or maybe it was that Indian Spirit cigarette I smoked...damn Indian spirits getting inside my head and making me dream all sorts of crazy shit.

And I can honestly tell you that was the very first time I've ever had a dream with Alex Winter in it.



At 15:31, Blogger Jase said...

That's great! I love having random amusing dreams like that, though I don't think I've ever woken up laughing..

I did wake up with a big smile on my face once from a really good, happy, upbeat dream.. I can't remember what the dream was about; only the memories of the happy feelings remain. :)


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