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musca domestica kartella, 2004 -- by chad

I figure...I might as well post some of my photos along with my blathering...because sometimes the only way to make myself perfectly clear is to provide an illustration I've created along with something I've written.

I'm one of those multimedia kind of people.

Anyway, this is a previously unpublished photo I took about a year ago...I just found it on my hard drive and decided I liked it.

And for now...that's about enough out of me. I'd write more, but I have to go to yoga class. I switched gyms, and now I go to Gorilla Alhambra exclusively for my muscle-pumping and spiritual enlightenment. Tuesday, I was the only guy in there, the rest were marina chicks. One of them had the same yoga mat I did, and I said "Hey, you're the only other person I've seen with that particular mat!"

Her reply?

"Uh, yeah." and walked away, rolling her eyes. Instantly, I was whisked back to 1987, to my high school gymnasium, after I asked a girl to dance. I stood there for a second, then laughed.

And laughed, and laughed.

Honey, you have nothing to worry about. I don't do front fannies, only rear ones on cute boys. Besides...bitchy attitudes are so...1987.

Kinda like bulimia, Heather. So '87.

So go choke on some corn nuts, biatch. ;-)



At 20:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chick with the mat...what a total bitch! I run into those kind often here in Scottsdale, AZ!

Great pic! I love your art!

Wish I had nuts to choke on...urrrr..or somethin' like that!!!!




At 21:24, Blogger Chox said...

Now Xavier, you're just a dirty birdie. :-)

At 04:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Haha.. I like that...it's so 1987~~~ hahaha

At 04:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

no worries, chad. the bitchy marina chick with the mat was nothing more than a bluebird. a brownie. a girl scout cookie. always remember that you're better than that. -- lonestarsteve

At 07:36, Blogger wah said...

these two last fotos
of yours are beuatiful.
do you have an online
photo gallery?

At 09:17, Blogger jetboy747 said...

Before Christmas, a woman barfed on my new shoes in a straight bar and looked-up at me like it was my fault before staggering away. So did the rest of her pussy posse. I’m still traumatized.

Excellent photos.



At 14:32, Blogger Pearl Fang said...

That stupid Marina girl is just jealous cause your mat, though similar, is BETTER, and she's BUMMED.
I'm linking your blog on mine if that's okay.
If it isn't, lemme know. I'll cry but then I'll get over it. Your photos are great.

At 16:37, Blogger Laura said...

Hi this is Laura, and you left a comment on my blog not to long ago. I hope you don't mind, but I just wanted to stop by and read your blog. Your photos are amazing by the way. I'm sorry to hear about your Jungle Book let-down, and in case you were wondering, I actually got a part after all the shit that insanse woman put me through. I hope to hear from you again.

At 09:58, Blogger Knottyboy said...

quietly finding your yogic center you deftly roll your mat into a log. Finding her in corpse pose, eyes lightly fluttering in meditation, YOU SMACK THIS BITCH IN THE HEAD WITH YOUR MAT! Instant karma strikes again.


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