untitled, 2004 -- by chad

I know to you, it might sound strange.
But I wish it would rain.

- The Temptations, 1968



At 03:50, Blogger Matthew said...


At 07:21, Blogger Knottyboy said...

TransAmerica...*sniff* brings back memories of when I was young. Not the bitter jaded reptile you see before you.

I'll be heading out west through SF in the fall. Give the lights of the city a pinch whilst I'm there.

At 07:28, Blogger Dantallion said...


At 11:48, Blogger rich said...

This is brilliant chad. This is an image that should be enlarged!

Does this mean you have a camera again?

At 12:27, Blogger Michael said...

The way you combine words and pictures is beauty realized


At 12:47, Blogger jdubbs said...

I think you'll shortly get your wish.

At 14:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

talented writer, talented photographer - what other talents are you keeping in the wings?

very nice picture, i like it alot :)


At 14:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael, I think you are the only one who realizes just how profound this post is. The title, the photo, the lyrics (hint: google the entire song and read the lyrics). Chad says a lot here; it wasn't lost on me.

You are definitely a good friend. Chad is lucky you're in his life.

At 10:16, Blogger A. said...

i'm in love with this picture.


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