separated at birth?

I had to laugh when I saw this entry over at Gatochy's place in Lisbon, Portugal. Amedeo Modigliani is one of my favorite artists of all time...and this quote from him is nothing short of brilliant:

"What I am seeking is not the real and not the unreal but rather the unconscious, the mystery of the instinctive in the human race."

I could not agree more.

I so love Gatochy's blog...it's the kind of blog I love to read whilst sipping a latte and listening to Stereolab.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Portrait of a Girl (Victoria) c.1917/Winona Ryder

Woman with Read Hair, 1917/Marlene Dietrich

Beatris Hastings, 1915/Julia Stiles



At 13:53, Blogger Neil said...

chad, you are a true conundrum. Firstly posting raunchy pix of yourself (show us more!), then posting links to high brow intellectual/arty blogs and mentioning you like stereolab...are you a chameleon or just a renaissance man...

love ya man !!!

At 14:26, Blogger Chox said...

LOL...I guess I'm one of them multifaceted homos. That said, I'm still a huge geek, and I'm the most un-cool person I know.

At 14:58, Blogger Mariana said...

Thanks for the plug, Chad! :) I read your blog every day, it's such a treat to know you enjoy reading mine as well. A very "high brow intellectual/arty" thank you, man. ;)

At 15:13, Blogger Pearl Fang said...

YOu talk about High brow intellectual arty as if its a bad thing, but I guess being one of the intellectually elite demands a bit of decorum and humility, even if feigned. I knew you would have a great site since you are down with Holly Hobbie. But Modigliani and blue photos of you and your boyfriend cinched it. You are my new best friend. I used to live in SF. Just so you know.

At 15:30, Blogger Chox said...

Au contraire! I may be geeky and uncool, but I am perfectly comfortable with that, and celebrate it by doing whatever the hell I want to, whenever I want to (within reason), and not really caring what anybody thinks.

Being uncool is the new black, don't you know?

btw...I covet your Holly Hobbie lunchbox. :-)

At 06:28, Blogger Pearl Fang said...

My first kiss, Patrick, 1st grade, in front of the REAL boy I liked, Sean, 2nd grade, to make him jealous, had the mr.zip lunchbox. Bringing back memories of my underhanded girl schemes at 6 warrants said lunchbox. Its yours.
I wish I looked like the manequin.

At 10:27, Blogger Neil said...

a "multifaceted 'mo" ...yes u certainly are!!!

"uncool and geeky"...u certainly are not!!!

"decorum"...well after reading about all your exploits, not sure you have that...and thats a good thing ;)

At 15:36, Blogger Dantallion said...

I hate to disagree, but....

Not geeky. Smart? Yup. Of diverse interests. Absolutely. And the fact that you call yourself a geek makes you, by definition, un-geeky. Humble geekiness is, in fact, the new black. Which indeed makes you a Renaissance man

People just aren't used to it coming in an an attractive package to boot.

At 21:16, Blogger krenneke said...

Chad, a Renaissance man? Come on!

At 21:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love those lookalikes!!!
sweet photos too down there.


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