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untitled, 2004 -- by chad

Today, I guest-blogged at Krenneke's place over in Central Anatolia, Turkey. If you have a chance, check it out. He also has an equally-fascinating photoblog.

And not to diminish from his talent or intelliegence, but he's also one of the most attractive, sexy men I've ever encountered.

How fortunate am I to meet such beautiful and interesting people, even if it's only through a cable that runs from my computer, into a modem, into another cable, that disappears into my wall?



At 20:53, Blogger hidden said...

Fun times. I forgot to tell ya I love the pic of you a few days ago you posted. I'm not into ass too much but its all cool. Hope all is well your way. I have been down on my back literally due to an injury.

At 07:37, Blogger Knottyboy said...

I planned a trip to Prague for two years, the only life line was the images and people I talked to via the net. Experiencing a culture first hand is indescribable.
ps pic is faboo, my desktop now.


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