a life lesson learned - 2005 style

untitled, 2004 -- by chad

Title: What I Learned Today

By: Chad Fox

Age: 34...old enough to know better than to do this.

Dear Me,

Unless you're absolutely sure what you read isn't going to completely make you lose your shit, never, and I repeat, NEVER, read a certain someone's blog when you are extremely depressed, have a stomachache, haven't slept well for days, and aren't thinking very clearly.

Furthermore, DO NOT attempt to express your emotionally-charged feelings about him OR his blog via e-mail, whether or not they're valid. Better yet, simply compose it in Word. That way you can delete it, and you don't come off as a shrieking, irrational homosexual. You KNOW you can't unsend e-mail to someone once it leaves your computer unless you're both on AOL.

Because as we all know...it will always end very, very badly.


Fuck it. You live, you learn.

You move on.

Tell ya what, though...it was a hell of a rant. And for some reason, I feel like a big chunk of my stress has been hosed out of my chest. Maybe it had some purpose after all...I just wish I had sent it to myself.

These things happen, I guess.

Love, Me



At 07:01, Blogger rich said...

reading this and the v-day post... and listinening to the usostupid track just cracked me up...and it's not even 7 yet... wait....one more second... ok. 7AM.. good morning chad.


At 08:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Chad, I know how it must have felt for you these days. Things just dun seem to go right anymore, and the loss and pain just keeps tugging at your heartstrings whenever you least want it to. You try hard to get a grip, but you really can't help but feel them taking you under.

It's a vulnerable time for you, and it's naturally understandable.

And so we all do stupid things, all the time. Dun beat yourself up for this, it's not worth it. Maybe it just made things clearer that some things have to be let go of, and there's no point in tying up stray ends beautifully. You're on your way Chad, dun let this weigh you down for the rest of 2005.

Remember, this is the year you're gonna make it. Everyone's gonna cheer you on every step of the way. People love you, so dun let yourself down. (That said. But you're most welcome to cry on my shoulder and hide away from unhappiness anytime you're down.)

Extending a big hug to you from Singapore... [btw, here we call the act of shitting - ng ng (in a forced tone emitting from the diaphgram when saying this), peeing - she she, farting - put put. Just thought you might wanna know. ;P]

Love, Josie

At 10:35, Blogger Brechi said...

believe me i have done the same thing. you did it, it's done, and at least you can say you are authentic. by the way, your blog is my new addiction. i've been kinda in my head the past couple of days so i'm enjoying reading others' sites instead of mine.

At 14:10, Blogger Alexa said...

Sending emails when you haven't really thought it through can be pretty dangerous. It always causes a big stink!

At 16:09, Blogger rich said...

ok... realize i put a lighthearted comment on a more serious entry... i meant to put it on the post previous this one. let me just go the the corner now and wear a cone hat with the word "STUPID" written on it.

At 17:17, Blogger dAAve said...

I'm glad I can't count the number of times I've done the same thing. Two of the many virtues we hopefully learn in AA are:


At 20:52, Blogger Knottyboy said...

I'm a water sign, ice to steam in a matter of seconds. No thought, just instantaneous transformation. My heart is always on my sleeve. It is the barometer of my life. I regret few instances when I've come to a boil so don't you regret when you sizzle in emotion either. Best to let people know where the line in the sand is.

At 01:14, Blogger THATGUY_HEATH said...

Man, your photography is awesome and your words are great.
Nice site,man.

At 01:22, Blogger THATGUY_HEATH said...

Oh, one more thing (the reason that I wanted to post a comment); here's a suggestion: taped to my monitor, I have a little sign that says, "Emails last forever!"
Use that little reminder for next time, man.


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