dirty, dirty cleveland

starfire, 2005 -- by chad

I just ran into one of my neighbors in the stairwell...he asked me if I heard about someone throwing a flaming pot out of one of their windows.

"Flaming pot?" I asked, incredulously.

"Yeah! Someone tossed one out their window in the alley," he said. "I saw it. Couldn't believe it. Some guy even tried to pick it up and burned his hand, dumbass."

"What is this neighborhood coming to?" I said with indignation. "Next thing you know, they'll be pissing in Super Soakers and blasting the drunk people pissing in the alley with pee on Friday and Saturday nights."

My neighbor wrinkled his nose. "Dude. Gross. Not a bad idea, though. Piss on the pissers."

[evil grin]

I so must curtail my random acts of defenestration.

Not to mention rinse out my Super Soaker one of these days.



At 16:26, Blogger Brechi said...

you threw your pot out the window. haha. love it.

At 10:24, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you shoot people with pee with your super soaker?

i was infatuated with you before, now i'm in love. when can we get married?

At 00:43, Anonymous Bernal Boy said...


You are my hero.

At 16:07, Blogger Andrea said...

Aw man, this entry(and the one before it) was totally hilarious(and surreal).
Your life is like one of the best books I've ever read.
No more defenstrating flaming pots though, okay?


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