dagmars, 2004 -- by chad

Why, I ask, why did a woman just find it necessary to suddenly flash her titties at me while walking past the historic Lost and Found Saloon? Seriously...I was just walking past there, and some gorgeous Latina sitting in the window suddenly smiled at me and lifted her shirt. I looked around to see if there were any video cameras waiting to capture my reaction...but there were none.

So. Fucking. Random.

Now, if only she had a cute brother going commando with a faulty belt buckle...



At 18:12, Blogger Brechi said...

haha...that's great...spon-tan-e-ous.

At 01:12, Anonymous sean said...

Next time you meet a saucy laundromat latina who's looking for a little vanilla pudding, you just tell her your old buddy Sean-o has got the Jello mixolator on Redi-whip.

At 01:51, Blogger Mariana said...

Great pic, Chad.


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