My phone rang tonight, and it was my friend Daigle (formerly Chris D.), asking why the hell he hadn't seen ChadFox (all one word) in a long time. He lives 2 blocks away from me, yet for some reason I don't see him very often. He and his roommate Brian are the Other Gay Guys who live in this neighborhood. Basically, we're responsible for holding up the fort around here.

We had dinner at Golden Boy Pizza, each having a few slices and a nice cold Fat Tire to wash them down. We moved on to the Lost & Found Saloon on Grant Avenue for a few more Fat Tires and some conversaytion.

Now, I first met Daigle when he was all of 18 years old...it's a long story...a friend's boyfriend was visiting me, and my houseguest decided to be a booty-ho and bring over some tricks. Daigle was one of them. Daigle decided he wanted to be friends with me instead of my houseguest's bootycall, and we've been extremely close in a platonic sort of way ever since. I'm his big gay older brother (he's 22 now) and he's like a little brat who needs to be kept in check and occasionally smacked around a bit to keep him in line.

Yeah, you read that right, Daigle. ;-)

So we're sitting at Lost & Found, and he starts telling me this crazy story (in a loud Boston accent, I might add) about how be broke the suction cup off his dildo while doing these crazy moves in his bathtub one night. It was so dirty, I had to make it a voiceblog. So here you go...Daigle and ChadFox at the Lost & Found, tonight, horrifying everyone in the place.

Well, not really. You can talk about dildos in L&F all day long and nobody will really care. People tend to be laid back in these parts...during the week, at least.

Oh, it's not exactly work safe. Either plug in your headphones or listen to it at home. ;-)

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Now, the first two pictures of Daigle are self-portraits. I think they're okay...I actually altered them a bit from their original form (cropping and adjusting contrast and highlights) but they're pure Daigle. The following two I took on my roof last November, one evening when he came home from work.

I forgot to mention this...Daigle is in the Coast Guard. And he's out and proud...not to mention one of the best troops the Coast Guard has.

Too bad he's too much of a pansy to handle a real branch of the military like the Air Force. ;-)

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