the colorful tenderloin

I've been busy these past few days, extremely so, as a matter of fact, but I've had time to play around with a couple dozen of the almost 1,300 photos I snapped this weekend. I also have a bunch of photos I snapped while kayaking on Friday with a waterproof disposable camera, but I need to take it to get them developed.

Remember when you had to get your photos developed? Jeez...that was when phones were attached to the wall by wires.

Anyway, I uploaded my edited digital images from this past weekend onto my fotopage, and they're divided into three different sections...the interior of a Tenderloin art gallery called The Shooting Gallery while a special event called "Wet Paint" was going on, Tenderloin street art, and Tenderloin street life. Once you're in the gallery, you can click on any image to enlarge it; it'll open in a new window.

Click on one of the photos below to see that particular gallery, if you're so inclined to do so. Maybe then you'll see why the Tenderloin is one of my favorite places in the entire city.

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