Hottest Trannys Ever !!!!!!! (now with full flake reductions)

This is just too good for words...I have no idea who wrote this, or what country it came from, but as far as spam goes this is primo stuff.  This landed in my AOL inbox this morning:

Subject: Hottest Trannys Ever !!!!!!!  flake reductions
Date: 7/14/04 6:55:16 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: girsh280z@aol.com, giro666@aol.com, girodet@aol.com, girondins19@aol.com, gira@aol.com, giraf53407@aol.com, girard1060@aol.com, gish302@aol.com, gishu@aol.com (yeah, one of those e-mail addresses is one of my AOL screen names)
Sent from the Internet (Details)
If you love Trans-Sexuals....Then you got to see this site..
Only The Hottest Trannys, Nothing Like a Chick with a cock...and Big Juicy Tits..
Dams these freaks are FINE !!!
I know if you met them out... you would take these hot chicks home...
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un sub scribe by link or snail mailhttp://intertwine.virtualwildflower.com/handbag.htm
689 Queens Street West #81Toronto, ON, CA M6J1E6
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