happy birthday, ryan!

That's my pal Ryan. I took that photo at the little party he and my friend Marcia used to throw called Rehab. Today, he's 29, and we're all going to be celebrating his birthday at Club VXN (Vixen) in North Beach, at the corner of Columbus and Broadway. It's a swanky, gorgeous new space...and only a block from my apartment.

Seriously, if you're upstairs at VXN you can see my building.

Ryan Robles...I can't think of anyone else who has his finger on the pulse of anything cool in San Francisco as much as he does, besides maybe Marcia. You want to know the latest, coolest, and best of anything? Just ask Ryan. Want to know the best places to hang out? Ryan will know. Want to know where all the beautiful people are? You can bet Ryan will be amongst them. Socialite, sex god, and fashionista.

That's Ryan.

He also has the most infectious, goofy, giggle-snort laugh I've ever heard. It's hysterical...once Ryan starts laughing about something, I start laughing and can't stop. Thing is, Ryan laughs at my laugh, so we basically double over and asphyxiate ourselves until someone comes along and waves poppers under our noses, or hands us fresh cocktails. Either or.

I would like to note that along with a hot little bod and a dazzling smile, he has an extremely bubbly, generous, luscious booty. Just thought I'd throw that little snack of info. :-)

Happy birthday Ryan...I'll see you in a few minutes. :-)


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