friday night.

BernalBoy: Chadwick, my dear old chum. I've just been to see a lovely and talented drag queen named Kennedy who practices follicular design at the Mission salon Glamarama. S/he spent the better part of our afternoon outfitting me with a smashing blue and silver checkerboard 'do. I dare say we must preserve this masterpiece in digital form for the missives to parents and friends abroad who would otherwise miss the opportunity for gaiety afforded by my new-found haircut.

Chadiqua: You have been blessed by Princess Kennedy. She once picked me up in a pink limo in front of City Hall, gave me weed, and drove me to The Stud. If you want to be preserved digitally, come on over. The light is good, I have a roof and a camera, and lots of weed.

BernalBoy: I'll make my way there in just a tidbit. I'm getting together with Aimee tonight, too, so maybe we'll just have her come by. I'll be there around 6:30?

Chadiqua:It's a plan, Stan. I'll go do the dishes and douche out my balloon knot.

BernalBoy: Yum.

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