The Camper English Project.

A few weeks ago, Camper English asked me if I could take some photos to accompany his interview in the Village Voice in New York. They picked one, and I got published a few days later.

I was looking through some of the other photos tonight (I took over 1200 in the space of an hour) and I decided these needed to be shared with the world. Camper is one of the most fun people I've ever worked with.

So...here you go.

The first one wasn't actually part of the shoot; I snapped it at Feather Sunday at the Bambuddah Lounge a few months ago. The rest, however, were all taken on the same afternoon. As always, click on any of them if you want to enlarge them.

This one in particular is my absolute favorite...this drunk guy wandered out of the tavern at the corner of Grant Avenue and Fresno Alley and stumbled into the picture. The fact that Camper is smoking two cigarettes at once only adds to the absurdity. I have this one as my desktop on my computer:

Oh, and if you haven't read Camper's book yet, you really, really should.

Camper English. He's a goddamn dreamboat. Now go buy his book. If you ask nicely he'll even autograph it or maybe write something dirty on the inside cover.

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