It's MY day. :-)

Yeah, I'm 35 today. It's a beautiful day out, and I'm quite content, even though I'm feeling a bit under the weather.

It started out beautifully...I got my hair cut in the Castro yesterday, and Michael James met me at the barber shop to shoot the shit with Tony (my barber) and me. Afterward, he said he had something for me at his apartment, so we hopped on the 24 Divisadero and rode over to Noe Valley where he lives.

Here's Michael in his cool Noe Valley pad:

He had a really cool apartment, actually. Turns out Michael is not only a talented actor, singer, and performer, he's also a gourmet chef and a baker. He baked me a bunch of spice cupcakes with cinnamon cream butter frosting (all from scratch, mind you) for my birthday. I was absolutely floored...I had to make my own cake last year (trying not to think about last year's birthday, actually) and nobody would even have a piece of it with me...I ate the entire thing by myself.

Dumb faggots and their faggoty diets!

However, this year, I said I wanted cupcakes because they're so noncommital...you don't need a knife, they're a pre-determined size, and you don't feel guilty about eating one as opposed to a huge slice of cake. So I walk into Michael's kitchen and there they are sitting on his aquamarine formica counter...homemade spice cupcakes! They were absolutely marvelous...I am going to go eat one in a second, actually. :-) They were on a cool Pottery Barn plate that was part of the whole package...what can I say, the guy has class.

He brought me a glass of water and we hung out for a bit before heading back to my place. Right before we left, I took this portrait of him through his antique Brownie Hawkeye camera...look at the viewfinder above the lens:

I like that shot.

So we hopped on the J-Church and headed back downtown...I was fading fast, as I haven't been sleeping very well lately. I was also running a low-grade fever, and when we got back to my house, I made some frozen pizzas and a sandwich and Michael popped over to the Chinatown Walgreens for some Ny-Quil. We then got comfy on my new couch to watch the movie Nine to Five (Michael had never seen it and I'm game for watching that movie ANY TIME as it's my favorite).

Here's the couch...it was a little birthday gift to myself:

Thing is, the Ny-Quil kicked in and I fell asleep curled up on the sofa with my head in Michael's lap. It was honestly the best sleep I'd had in weeks.

I think I may have a crush on him. Well see.


Tonight Chris A. is going to have a little cocktail party for me in his apartment in Pacific Heights, which means I'd better get some laundry done this afternoon so I can look presentable tonight...the only clean thing I have left is a pair of sweatpants and a Trannyshack sleeveless T-shirt.

Also...I'm not done with this template...I have many more blogs to enter in my blogroll, along with some other stuff from my old template. I've just been busy.

I'd also like to extend a very happy birthday to a few other folks who are celebrating today...for one, Matthew Rush. I got to hang out with him a few weeks ago at a Chi-Chi LaRue party downtown. We were both a little drunk, but we talked for about a half hour or so. Nice guy, actually.

Also, Renel Brooks is celebrating today...she's the morning DJ on 98.1 KISQ here in San Francisco.

And of course...Joan Jett. She's exactly ten years older than me.

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