this place is a mess.

You know, every time I post something, then look at this blog to see if it posted correctly, I can't stand the way this place looks.

Seriously. It just nauseates me sometimes. Totally blorf-o-riffic.

I mean, it's a goddamn Blogger template, I've been using it since oh...2003 or so, and to be honest, I've never liked the way this place looks. It's like I'm blogging out of a musty old basement in a home built in 1919 with cracked plaster ceilings, exposed pipes, sagging shelves, a black asphalt tile floor, ancient windows that haven't been cleaned since 1974, piles of laundry everywhere, and soggy old walls tagged with 1980's-era graffiti and mushrooms growing out of them.

Not that I've ever been in a place like that, but still.

Darin over at All Preparation and no H has made an incredible new header for my blog, so I'm working on a new template. I'll have it up soon. Oh, and because Daigle fixed my sound card, I now have podcast capability. I'm going to set it all up tonight and test out my new software, in addition to hooking my stereo up to my computer. If it all works like it's supposed to, I have something kinda fun planned...something anyone over the age of 25 will definitely be able to relate to. Let's just say I was rummaging around in some old boxes and I found some fun stuff.

Now if I could only find my microphone...

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