blue monday.

It's Monday night...and I figured I'd post a photo. In a few minutes, I'm going to take care of a friend who has just started a new round of experimental Interleukin 2 shots. Unfortunately, this also means in about an hour or so (he injected himself a few hours ago) he's going to be experiencing a high fever, chills, and severe nausea. The only effective remedy to these side-effects is medicinal-grade marijuana.

Fortunately, I stopped by the club today and picked some up...it's called "Brain Eraser" and it's pretty strong stuff...not the kind of weed you'd smoke with your friends if you wanted to remain lucid and conversational.

No folks, this is serious medicine.

I'm going to be heading over there in a few minutes with my bong...his has sprung a leak and he's fretting a bit. Well, don't fret, my pet...my bong and I are on our way.

Let's hope his revitalized CD4 count keeps him around longer, eh? I sure hope so.

I also apologize for subjecting everyone to the phrase "balloon knot" in Friday's post. Stewie on Family Guy used that phrase while describing Brian's butt and I thought it was hilarious. Only did I reread that post did I realize just how filthy it actually sounds.

My poor mom.

Anyway, I'll post the photos of Sean and Aimee as soon as I can. And yes, Greg and Bennett, I'll send your photos too. I promise.

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