That's Camper English in that picture...I shot it up on my roof. We did a huge photo shoot a few weeks ago because he had been interviewed in The Village Voice in New York (Click on that link now and you'll see that photo on their front page) so he could promote his new book, Party Like A Rockstar, Even If You're Poor As Dirt. Anyway, they published the article today.

Awww yeah. It's cool having one of my photos in the Village Voice. I'm going out to the Castro now to join Daigle (he has a new header I made him) and The Good Doctor for celebratory cocktails in the Castro. If you're in the neighborhood, join me. :-)

If you want to buy this book (you really should) for a very limited time only, you can order one directly from him and he'll ship you a copy immediately.

If you ask nicely he might even autograph it for you.

I know I said I wouldn't post anything else in here until I was done with my template but I've been busy.

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