Hilly the Clevelander

You can dump all the lake-effect snow you want...but you can't stop Hilly when she wants a sandwich and a hot chocolate after a long day at work.

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1:49 pm
hi Chaddy
Well, it was 8 degrees when I left for work this morning. 8 degrees. Is that even legal? I didn't tell you about my crack-induced trip to Tommy's last Friday. I was hell-bent on getting me a Rah and some hot chocolate from Caribou. But Cleveland weather was like, "I don't think so, sucka!" There was a huge snow storm, right before rush hour, natch. I attempted to pull into the driveway to my apartment building, but being the norm, my car got stuck. I spun my wheels, yelled a bunch of obscenities to the tune of "Why the heck do I live in Cleveland" but instead of heck I said something else. ANYHOO - so poor Jodeci is stuck in the middle of the sidewalk - and out of NOWHERE, two people came up and were like, "Need some help?" I swear they came completely out of nowhere. SO they dug me out and helped me get up the driveway. That's one thing I like about Cleveland in this perilous time of nasty weather - we always help each other out. It's almost like an unwritten rule. So after I successfully parked my car, I decided that I had nothing in my fridge and walked to Tommy's. Mind you, I had to walk like a friggen Clydesdale horse because the snow was up to my knees. But I'll be damned if I didn't get my Rah and hot chocolate. As I walked into Tommy's, I jumped in the air, flining my boots together to get the snow off. I think I looked like Mike Myers's "Phillip" from Saturday Night Live. You know, when he had that harness whilst he was attached to the jungle gym? As I trudged home, I passed an older Black man, and we gave each other the exact same look - "It's Us Against The Man" look. The man being the snow.
The End.

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