Arnold Schwarzenegger's special erection.

Many of you may know we had a special election here in California, prompted by our Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I'm still trying to get used to that...Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Every time I see him on TV hawking his ballot initiatives or giving a speech, I just shake my head in disbelief.

So anyway, I voted today, as I always do in every single election. They gave me that sticker, and since it didn't go with what I was wearing, I stuck it to my monitor. But that's not why I'm blogging tonight. You see, since I live on the edge of Chinatown, my polling place is at an elementary school where the vast majority of the students and teachers are Chinese. Now, that in itself isn't particularly funny.


What happened while I was voting WAS funny, even if I probably shouldn't be laughing about it.

When you walk through the front door of this elementary school, it gets a little confusing. You have to walk down a hallway, through another hallway, and through a door that is somewhat hidden from view. Apparently, as I was voting, someone was wandering around the hallway, not sure where they needed to go, so a small, frail-looking Chinese woman got up and walked out the door to direct them to the voting booths.

"EXCUSE ME!" she yelled. "HEY!"

I looked up from my ballot, and the guy in the next booth looked over at me.

"ARE YOU HERE FOR THE ERECTION?" she hollered down the hallway.

I let out a very audible snort, which echoed around the room for a second and resulted in a blob of snot simultaneously flying from my left nostril onto my ballot. I heard a gasp next to me...my voting neighbor glanced over with a "Did I really just hear that?" look on his face.

"HEY! YOU! THE ERECTION IN HERE!" the woman yelled again, pointing towards the doorway, but unintentionally pointing directly at my head poking above the voting booth.

I bit my tongue, trying desperately not to giggle; I ended up giving myself hiccups. The guy next to me had his hand over his mouth, absolutely hyperventilating. The lost voters walked through the door, looking like they were absolutely about to lose it.

I fought the urge to mutter, "ka-BOING!" but my mama raised me better than that.

Anyway, I wiped up the blob-o-snot, finished voting, and fed the ballot into the counting machine. Erection Woman then handed me my sticker, and I walked out the door.

I waited until I was safely out of earshot before giggling all the way back to my apartment.

At any rate, The Song of the Day HAS to be "Lady T" by Crazy Penis. I've been listening to this song and really liking it...click on the picture above to hear it. Go to Shiva Records if you want to buy it.

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