The picture says it all.

I took that photo a few months ago at the the San Francisco dump, and I can't think of a better picture to describe last Sunday night.

Let me explain.

It all started out at the last Feather Sundays party at the Bambuddah Lounge in the Tenderloin.

"Tenderloin." That should be your first clue. Everyone knows that's my favorite neighborhood in San Francisco, not to mention that's also where I get into the most trouble.

Nothing like the Walk of Shame up Leavenworth Street from Market at 2:30 AM.

So I walked in the party, and everyone I knew was there...Camper English, the Good Doctor, Tender Crisp, Cement Brunette. The music was hot and the people were pretty. I took a ton of photos...there are literally THOUSANDS of them on my camera now. I should really get on that.

The party started winding down, the Good Doctor left for a Castro Bootysearch, and Cement Brunette, Tender Crisp, and I left the Bambuddah to meet Daigle at a different kind of watering hole...the Gangway. Those of you who have been reading this blog a while will know The Gangway is my favorite Tenderloin gay dive bar of all time. The bartender that was working there that night is a really cool older gentleman who pours the drinks so strong, they'll knock you on your ass. It's hard to understand him sometimes, as he's had a tracheostomy and his stoma gurgles occasionally. It's kinda distracting. In addition, Daigle even somewhat-drunk-dialed my mom from the bathroom there once, calling her "Foxy" and leaving her in stitches.

I spent most of yesterday in bed with food poisoning...that's the last time I ever eat a Whopper. WHY I have such a sensitive stomach is beyond me. I'll just say it serves me right for eating at the Powell Street Burger King.

Bluh. Healthy food, Chad! Healthy food! I will say the Good Doctor made me a delicious, healthy meal last night, washed down with Napa Valley cabernet, so that more than made up for it.

But I'm digressing.

So when I picked up my camera this morning and looked at what was on it for the first time since Sunday, let's just say I was horrified, frightened, disgusted, delighted, and tittilated at the same time. Shame on you, Cement Brunette! Same goes with you, Daigle! You two are the filthiest people I know! Tender Crisp! Shame on you too! Why didn't you intervene?

And shame on me...I'm not exactly innocent here.

I've deleted the incriminating ones of me...so I'm thinking...should I post the others?

Decisions, decisions.

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