The Week in Pictures.

Well, not really. These photos have all been taken in the past few months, but for some reason, they've just been sitting in a folder here on my computer. The photo above is actually posted upside down...it's the reflection in my friend Greg's 1988 Porsche 944's windshield.

So...I figured I'd just dust these off since I really don't feel like writing anything right now, but wanted to put up some weekend eye candy so when I open up my blog I feel somewhat good about it.

So here we go...litle slices of everyday, colorful, surreal San Francisco life these past few months. As always, click on any photo to see it in its full-size glory.

Former Miss Trannyshack Ana Conda at Feather Sundays 2 months ago:

Ana doing her thing:

My friend Heath's gorgeous eyes:

And Heath's gorgeous back tattoo:

Of course, no post of photos would be complete without Daigle. Here's a portrait of the two of us in the shifter of a Chrysler 300:

A quesadilla dinner he prepared one night:

And afterward:

My friend, Derrick Hanson (we go back a long way, actually). You can see more of him here, here, and here:

Another Feather picture:

Don't ask what this was...long story:

And finally, a pavement marking San Francisco had to install at the corner of Columbus and Broadway in North Beach to help prevent Chinese grandmothers from tottering into oncoming traffic:

So there you go. Hope everyone has a good Friday night.

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