Oh HELL yeah...

Turn up your speakers. No, really...turn 'em up LOUD.

Okay, this is dedicated to SIX!!!

...and there's a certain person in Coventry Village, Cleveland Heights, Ohio...who needs to be standing up right now and shaking that boo-tay.

It's on Lee...it's on Lee...!!! Monticello walkers...all Monticello walkers!*

*This will only make sense to about 3 people in the entire universe. And the song, "It's On Lee" (which was drunkenly composed in the car on the way home from Brennan's Colony up in the Heights, was recorded by my sister Hilly and yours truly in the upstairs bathroom of my parents' house about 14 years ago on an 1980's Emerson cassette recorder.


Apparently, there's a remix of the song:

And of course, they spoofed it on Family Guy (the episode where Stewie is in a plastic ball for some reason):

The Children's Television Workshop in the 1970's was absolutely genius.

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