It's here.

The signs are everywhere.

Don't dare venture outside.

You don't know who you're gonna run into.

I took an evil test. It surprised even me. I guess I'm way more evil than I realized.

You Are 78% Evil

You are very evil. And you're too evil to care.
Those who love you probably also fear you. A lot.

Then I went back and answered the questions truthfully.

You Are 82% Evil

You're the most evil person you know.
The devil is even a little scared of you!

Oh, man. Well, I did go through an especially evil period in my late teens, and again when I was 24. Some naughty people crossed me in a bad way and I got my revenge on them a hundredfold. We're talking severe personal property damage and dishonorable discharges from the military. I am not sorry, as they deserved everything they got, and they never messed with me again. I can't help it. I come from the Serial Family. Don't ever cross one of the Foxes. 'Cause we'll git ya, and good.

I since have renounced most of my evil ways.


At any rate, be very afraid.

In honor of today, I have prepared this very special podcast. I had to dig out the old vinyl for this one...I owned every single one of these records (not CD's, not cassettes, RECORDS). I'd buy them in bulk at a record store at the now-closed and dead Euclid Square Mall in Euclid, Ohio (the manager loved me and would order anything I wanted directly from WaxTrax! or Nettwerk), when I worked at the shoe store there during my Al Bundy years. Then I'd haul 'em back to Cleveland Heights on the #32 RTA bus, where I'd go tearing over to my turntable and just enjoy the endorphin rushes they would give me.

Then I'd haul them to WUJC, where I'd assault the Cleveland metropolitan area with industrial madness every Tuesday morning at 10:30 AM, at 88.7 MHz. God, that was fun. If I still had a show on an FM station, it'd probably sound like this:

STMF #9: The 6/6/06 Cast.

Here's the playlist...I outdid myself this time:

Thrill Kill Kult - The Devil Does Drugs (1989)
Meat Beat Manifesto - Dog Star Man (1989)
Front 242 - Headhunter (1988)
Skinny Puppy - Tin Omen (1989)
PTP - Rubber Glove Seduction (1989)
A Split Second - Rigor Mortis (1990)
Ministry - Thieves (1990)
Thrill Kill Kult - A Daisy Chain 4 Satan (1990)
Clock DVA - Hide (1989)
KMFDM - Godlike (1991)
Revolting Cocks - Beers, Steers, & Queers (1990)
Laibach - Sympathy for the Devil (Who Killed the Kennedys) (1990)
Front Line Assembly - Mindphaser (1991)
Gruesome Twosome - Hallucination Generation (1989)
King Missile - Jesus Was Way Cool (1990)

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights were usually spent at the quite-swanky Aqualon (certain nights were called "The Lift" because of the old freight elevator that took you to the club on the top floor...the rest of the building was abandoned), the Nine Of Clubs (aka The Night Of Drugs...I never partook, curiously) which became the Alter House, and Metropolis, which was in an old foundry building down on the Cuyahoga river. Cleveland was a really cool place back then, and it was a great time for industrial music. It was pretty evil-sounding stuff, but I loved it, and kept in great shape by dancing to it for hours and hours and hours with my friend Christina. We'd drive down in her battered Plymouth Horizon, listening to KMFDM or Nitzer Ebb on the way.

At any rate, I suspect about 90% of you who download this podcast are going to absolutely hate it. I mean, really hate it. Which is fine...Christina's mom called me at the radio station once to tell me she adored me, she liked listening to me on the air, but I played the most god-awful music she had ever heard in her entire life.

At any rate, I had fun making this one...it reminds me of a very special time in my life, when I came into my own, came out of the closet to myself, and found a big group of people who accepted me for who I was, which was a refreshing change from high school.

If there's anyone in Cleveland who remembers the clubs I was talking about before, drop me a line and say hi.

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