goddammit goddammit goddammit!!!!!!!

i just composed a REALLY FUCKING GOOD blog and my fucking COMPUTER JUST CRASHED!!!


and to top it all off, i slammed my fists down on my keyboard when it happened and half the keys flew off of it and the little things underneath that hold it up at an angle actually broke in half. so now it's propped up with a stack of pg&e bills, and they keep sliding around. now this keyboard is at a wierd angle and it makes me wrists feel out of whack. to top it all off, i yelled "FUCK" so loud my neighbor yanked back his blinds to see what the hell was going on.

sorry 'bout that, kyle. pull the blind back again. i wanna see what underwear you have on.

god fucking dammit. that'll teach me not to be so hotheaded when this piece of shit computer i have crashes on me. that's it...i'm leaving right now for trannyshack. i wasn't going to leave for another half hour but fuck it.

"i need a drink, roz! i'm going down to charlie's to get drunk!"

"atta girl."

i'll rewrite the blog tomorrow. i don't fucking feel like doing it now.




At 13:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's been known to happen. Wish you luck with the rewriting

At 07:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Chad, It's me, that secret admirer guy you kinda know that thinks you're the fuckin' cat's meow! Your admirer. I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you when your computer crashed. Not that I would know how to fix it, but just to be there for you..to calm you..run my fingers through your hair..and assure you that a computer crash is something that will get fixed. And especially to remind you of what a lucky boy you are in life. You are gorgeous. You live your life with passion. You are filled with talent. And you make my stomach fill up with butterflies each time our paths cross. I would even consider stalking you just to watch you buy groceries, or wander our cities neighborhoods running your errands. But I'm much more mellow and even-minded (and sane) to actually do something like that..so don't worry. That ain't gonna happen. My extreme would be more like having a picture of you taped to my mirror to kiss before leaving the house. Kinda like a teenage girl might do. I wonder if you even read these comments when I leave them..do you? Well, goodbye for now.
signed, Secret Admirer (flutter, flutter in my heart)

At 22:01, Blogger Chox said...

i think having a stalker would be hot. :-D


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