kevin is the one on the right. to the left, juanita more.

kevin: how are you?
chad: not bad, gonna head out to the endup in a little while. what are you doing tonight?
kevin: i'm laying naked in bed. was cold, now just lazy. was thinking about going out, then said, what's the point--i never get laid anyway, so i can save my money for a house in the castro and a saab to double park in front of self-loathing peet's
chad: yeah, so you can sit in there and look gaunt, irritated and nervous as you thumb through an utne reader.
kevin: and pretend like every unhappy faggot in there is my friend.
chad: check my blog. i just posted something.
kevin: wow, i'm famous. tell juanita i would have gone out but was suffering from obesity and low self esteem. but then maybe i will show up, cause maybe the endup is the place to work out those issues. i'll just eat a bag of cookies with two litres of diet coke first.

kevin kills me.



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