a dilemma!

i just got this message in my gmail inbox re: my free oatmeal offer on craigslist:


My name is Haley Devener and I am VERY interested in your offer on craigslist.org! Your post caught my eye and I've been waiting for my screen to load ever since I finished the last sentence. Although I'm not an avid oatmeal consumer, I hope you will choose me to be the proud owner of these delicious packets. I have been eating cereal for 14 years and like it with milk (fat free). Two years ago I lost my gloves in my car and have been suffering from cold hands in the morning. I have been searching for a product to alleviate my distress and it sounds as though you may have my miracle. I'm shy and unfortunately can not journey to the supermarket and your product sounds fabulous. I graduated high school a year ago and will be attending college in the spring. I will do my best to take care of your products. Please choose me.

how can i break this to poor haley...the oatmeal has been spoken for. someone is coming by in the morning to pick it up.

for real...i'm totally not kidding.

anyway now, since dear haley will be attending college in the spring, it's imperative...no, critical she start every morning with a complete breakfast. and we all know quaker instant oatmeal is a nutritious part of a complete breakfast.

maybe i'll give her some of the apples & cinnamon flavored ones.

oh, what to do? a young woman's education and future is hanging by a thread!



At 02:20, Blogger rich said...

i was going to ask for those oatmeal myself but after $3 bridge toll, and gas needed to circle around northbeach for an hour finding parking, i figure it's not worthit. but speaking as a student pulling all nighters, that poor girl is going to need all the help she can get.

At 06:13, Blogger Brechi said...

awwww....maybe you could buy some more oatmeal and give it to her? lol

At 08:09, Blogger Dantallion said...

Don't supermarkets deliver down your way? I mean, this is clearly a serious breakfast food emergency.

At 17:56, Blogger Luis Blasini said...


At 12:55, Blogger monsoux said...

Yes, life! I know...

At 17:18, Blogger yams said...

Is oatmeal really that important?

At 17:19, Blogger Sandi said...

Dude, all you do is add chunks of apple, chopped walnuts, cinnamon, and brown sugar and VOILA no mre boring oatmeal. You lazy bastard.

At 18:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm Haley and one boring night my boyfriend and I found your craigslist ad. Sick of the sex and band posts, we found yours amusing. Hoping to converse with someone equally as wacky as ourselves, we emailed you. Glad to know you got our email. Unfortunately, we prefer cream of wheat :(


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