why i love craigslist.

i have some packets of instant oatmeal i don't want, so why not try giving them away on craigslist? i grabbed my camera, took some pictures, uploaded them, and there you are.

we'll see if it works. i once gave away huge shards of broken mirror on craigslist...so why not packets of oatmeal?

here is a serving suggestion:


craigslisters have been e-mailing me regarding my oatmeal! now, not one of them has offered to come get them, but at least they're getting responses.

debbie mogg, presumably from san francisco, writes: "If you don’t find a taker for your regular flavored oatmeal, try adding a touch of maple syrup and a pinch of brown sugar to it and it will be just like the maple syrup favored ones."

thanks, debbie. i just might try that.

maizie2 wrote: "Very funny! You know you could add some raisins and cinnamon yourself.

I like to add small chopped bits of apple and then cook it remove it frmo the microwave and then add some banana slices and milk."

thanks maizie! that sounds good, actually. perhaps i should rethink giving these oatmeal packets away.

joegar74 also contacted me, but kept it short and sweet: "you are a very cute person...hahaa...giving out oatmeal for free."

thanks, joegar74. i appreciate that.



At 14:37, Anonymous Anonymous said...

loved the pictures, the craiglist and the feedback, thought long about this one: why not try giving them away to less fortunate members of the community like say homeless? or to a charity of your own choice...


At 13:02, Blogger don said...

too bad they're not dino eggs, otherwise i'd be there in a cholesterol-free heartbeat http://www.quakeroatmeal.com/Products/Kids/KIDS-DinoEggs.cfm


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