the transformation continues.

today i saw my friend james, the boyfriend of my friend chris (the attorney) at chris's house. he stepped back, looked me up and down, and said, "chad, take your shirt off."


"take it off."


hey, i'm easy. i stripped it off, and he looked me up and down. he's a massage therapist, and the last time he gave me any sort of a massage was about 4 months ago, before i hit the gym and definitely before yoga.

"i totally see and feel a difference," he finally concluded after rubbing his hands on my back, chest, and arms.


"yeah, your triceps are huge, your shoulders are bigger, and your back is much more muscular. your posture is different, and i can definitely feel a difference in your chest, delts, and lats."

"fuck yeah!" i grinned.

and i've been grinning ever since...it's amazing how far positive feedback goes with me. with that encouragement freshly bouncing around inside my head, i'm heading to the gym today with a renewed sense of accomplishment and progress.

incidentally, if you go to the photos section of james's site, please note all color photos were taken by me. just a little plug for myself.

anyway...i have to go make my protein shake in my cuisinart (can't remember where i put my blender) before i go...it makes me gassy as hell but that's a small price to pay for feeling better about myself.

although there's nothing more awkward than being in a downward dog and suddenly feeling the urge to fart.

really, it sucks. especially because i would probably start laughing hysterically and break everyone's concentration.

i'd better pop a phazyme just in case.



At 19:25, Blogger Tina said...

Heehee...a guy farted in Yoga last week...a really loud wet one and would've made me laughed if it weren't for the fact that he was bending over right in front of me.


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