hanging around with some old friends.

my head hurts.

it's not because i drank too much last night and not the result of a drunk drama session on the corner of polk and hemlock with chris last night, oh no. not that. although it was nice to feel, oh, 19 again. how embarassing. at least we weren't conspicuous...the cracked-out trannies vying for attention pretty much made us a non-spectacle, i hope. nor does my head hurt because after said drama session, i went home, smoked a bowl, and did yoga in my living room for 2 hours, listening to the smiths. ever get stoned and do yoga to the smiths?

it's weird. i started talking to my arms after a while, giving them encouragement while holding myself up in the air. it actually worked.

they say hi, by the way.

anyway, the reason why my head hurts is right now, i am not wearing my contact lenses. rather, i have on an old pair of BCG's. what are bcg's, you aks? well, there are an old pair of glasses issued to me when i was in the air force. BCG is short for Birth Control Glasses...because you're so ugly in them, there's no chance in hell you're getting laid. it's a real term...click the first link if you don't believe me. if you're really curious as to what they look like, click here. i'm not gonna post that picture, it's way too scary.

anyway, these glasses are so huge, and so heavy, and so not fitted for my face, they keep sliding down my nose and crashing on the keyboard. so i have to keep my ears pulled back taut, which causes my nostrils to flare, forehead to wrinkle, and eyebrows to raise. after doing this for several hours, my head is starting to hurt, and i'm looking more and more like a muppet. coupled with the fact that the prescription is from 1993 and i can barely see the screen, i'm probably not doing myself any good. but i'm trying to give my eyes a break from my contacts for a bit.

now the reason why i have these glasses is because yesterday i paid my storage unit a little visit hoping to retrieve my blender. i've been making my protein shakes with my cuisinart, and let me tell you...that's not what a cuisinart is made for. it creates a huge mess. so i unlocked the gate, pulled it up, and dove into my past.

my storage unit is more of less a time capsule, filled with smaller time capsules...boxes of stuff i don't need anymore but haven't gotten around to throwing away. some of them were packed in the mid-90's, and i haven't opened them since. so there i was, opening up boxes, stuff crashing down on my head as i dug into them, finding little things i completely forgot about in the meantime.

like my camcorder, for instance. i brought it back, i can't wait to see what's on it. i think the last time i used it was...oh...1999 i think.

however, i did crack into a box and found some old friends of mine. a bunch of CD's i haven't listened to in years, and as i pulled them out, i actually got excited to take them home and listen to them. in no particular order: pixies - surfer rosa, pixies - doolittle, circle jerks - group sex, suicidal tendencies, patsy cline, a bachelor in paris (cocktail music compilation), enoch light - persuasive percussion, reservoir dogs soundtrack, meat beat manifesto - dog star man (extremely rare, actually), david bowie - changesbowie, billboard top hits of 1969, army of lovers - massive luxury overdose, folk implosion - natural one, rage against the machine, adam ant - antics in the forbidden zone, gotta have house (a 1988 house music compliation...it's funky), the smiths, fishbone - truth and soul (fuck yeah!), siouxsie and the banshees - rapture, peter murphy - deep, ween - pure guava (i missed that one!), 200% energy (cheezy techno compilation from 1995, toadies - rubberneck, tool - undertow, and finally...the moonstruck soundtrack.

my old friends!

i spent a good part of the afternoon dancing around my living room when i should have been working...but i hadn't partied with my buds for a while. i gave the chinese woman across the alleyway quite a spectacle when i started thrashing around to "beat my guest" by adam ant and tore off my shirt in the process.

that's just how you dance to that song. black and blue, baby...i love you.

when i played "poop ship destroyer" and "reggaejunkiejew" by ween she just closed all her windows.

sorry, babe.

and right now, i'm playing one of my favorites of all time...key lime pie by camper van beethoven. the case is gone, but i found the cd rolling around. normally, i don't say what i'm listening to when i'm blogging...it's self-absorbed and boring. but you know what? this album fucking rocks. i miss it. it reminds me of being 19 and living in cleveland and hanging out with my friend ron kretsch.

and i think i'm done typing for now. my head is pounding and the glasses just fell off my face again.

you know what? now that i think about it, i really miss ron. a large part of who i am today can be credited to that guy.



At 13:12, Blogger Luis Blasini said...

I smoke out to the Smiths all the time. I don't talk to my body parts, though.

At 15:18, Blogger Chris said...

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At 06:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andy Warhol had little time capsuls stored in cardboard boxes. I think the Warhol museum in Pittsburgh did a study of them.

At 17:08, Blogger Sandi said...

I heard, secondhand, that he kind of turned into an asshole. But this is coming from someone who often seems to have friends that turn into assholes, so I don't know. He seemed pleasant enough the last time I hug out with him, a couple years ago.


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