I'm trying...I'm trying.

Hey...I guess it's been a while since I've updated. Well, I've tried. I really have. I made three 40+ minute podcasts...and three times the computer crashed and burned as it was rendering them...and I lost everything. Same goes with a bunch of photos I tried to upload onto this computer. However, since I am out of memory and my CD burner no longer functions, I have no choice but to either delete photos or music, neither of which I want to do. I can't even watch videos on here, which I normally don't care about but it's been making me batty ever since Secret Simon posted a video of himself that I can hear but not see.


Several times this week, I've come close to stomping my computer to pieces in a murderous rage, but since it's the only computer I have, save for the new one I bought that doesn't work (keeps shutting itself down for no reason and opening up programs and popping windows in my face when I don't touch it) my cooler-headed side prevailed and I just ended up going out and tripping old Chinese grandmothers in crosswalks and knocking ice cream cones out of the hands of children.

I feel better now, thank you.

Anyway, the photo above is part of a "photo meme" that Rotten Ryan was passing along. You take a screen shot of your computer desktop, and post it...it's supposed to tell a lot about you. Well, there's mine at the top there. Pretty much sums me up right now. Click on it if you want to make it bigger. I took the photo somewhere on Polk Street, I think. I kinda like Ryan's, actually...I think it says a lot about him:

Feel free to join in...if you want, I'll post them all here since I can't seem to post any of my own stuff for the time being.


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