you may have noticed the little map i added a few days ago. i was just curious as to where people who read this blog are from. well, i had no idea that many people read this thing. so i'd just like to say hi to everyone who is represented by a red dot on the map.

for you folks in perth, adelaide, sydney, and a bunch of you in alice springs...hello! i want so badly to come visit australia...i want to rent a holden or one of those hot falcons and explore the entire continent. you guys have the coolest cars, btw.

got hits from singapore and manila...don't think for a second i missed you. ;-)

a few of you in amsterdam...you have no idea now much i want to visit. no idea.

a hit from brussels...another place i really would love to visit.

also a few of you in the greater bucharest area...yet another corner of the world i haven't seen but of course dream of visiting. tu trebiue say hallo la spre eu uneori. trec de la will tu asemănător la spre visit eu şi a lua off al tău îmbrăcare?

another surprise...a hit from montevideo. como são? obrigado para visitar.

finally, all you folks in the united states. looking at the map, it seems i've given the entire country measles. but to everyone on the west coast, san diego to los angeles to santa barbara to the san francisco bay area, up to portland and seattle, to an incredible amount of hits in washington dc, to boston, to new york, down to atlanta and over to dallas and oklahoma city, (keep in mind i'm just eyeballing the map and hoping i'm getting all these cities right) and points in between scattered everywhere...how you all durrin!

and finally...a hit from halifax...a salty hello to you. :-) i can't wait to go back to canada...and explore the maritime provinces in particular.

anyway...i just wanted to say hello to everyone. don't be afraid to say hi, you know?



At 02:20, Blogger don said...

now i have that sublime song stuck in my head...

At 11:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chad, sunt uimit de cate cuvinte ai nimerit, nici chiar mie nu-mi ies atatea in romana. Unde mai pui ca eu nu scriu cu diacritice.


At 23:43, Blogger Michael said...

Hey Chad. How do you get that map thing? I'd like to add it to my blog.


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