introducing...yummy b-rad

I'd like to add someone else to my ever-expanding cast of characters...Brad. Brad is Daigle's roommate for another few weeks, and is also in the Coast Guard, stationed in Alameda. He's quite an interesting guy, actually. Originally from Spokane, Washington, he actually reaches into rivers and streams and yanks out fish with his bare hands...a classic Pacific Northwesterner.

However, under his butch exterior hides an extremely talented photographer and gifted chef. The evening I took these photos, B-Rad was roasting lamb chops in my oven and chilling crisp salads in my refrigerator. He's kinda quiet at first, but once he starts talking to you, you find he's startlingly intelligent and engaging.

Oh, and he's straight, even though Daigle will try to tell you otherwise. Making out with a non-gender specific person at Badlands during Pride doesn't count as being gay. And the only reason why he was at Badlands was because his roommates are complete homogays.

So don't be 'judgin.

Daigle started calling him B-Rad, which eventually morphed into Yummy B-Rad, and now (in true Daigle fashion) he's Yummy B-Rad with the phat Seven Decimal Five.

Use your imagination. Daigle insists it's true...morning woodies can be revealing, apparently.

I actually feel pretty lucky to know him...he's one of the cooler cats I've run across in a while. As soon as this stupid looming BART strike is over, he's also going to come over a few nights a week for yoga in front of the fireplace (he already bought his mat and clothes), followed by a gourmet meal cooked either by me or Yummy-B himself.

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce him to the world. I feel lucky to know him.

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