landed a gig.

Oh, hell yeah.

I just came down from dancing around on my roof with my iPod...anyone in any of the North Beach-facing skyscrapers in downtown San Francisco must have seen me, especially the ones in the Transamerica Pyramid, Embarcadero 1, 2, 3, and 4, and the Bank of America building.

Yeah, that was me. Woot! :-)

About a half hour ago, I got off the phone with someone in Santa Cruz...specifically, the guy who runs the Verve Party (formerly called Swank). Turns out, he needs a photographer, doesn't want to hire a wedding photographer (he says he doesn't want anyone who needs a tripod) and he likes my stuff.

Yay! Validation! Money! Finally!

The featured acts at this party are Gloria Gaynor and Vanilla Ice...um, okay. Who would have ever thought I'd be taking photos at a party with those two? Just an odd pairing, that's all...it's like going to a party and hanging out with Marilyn Manson and Snokey Robinson. Or going to a Tony Orlando and Ween concert.

It should be interesting.

Once again...my surreal life just gets...stranger.

I love it. BTW...be sure to scroll down and check out The Daigle Project...I guess those pictures really did come in handy after all. :-D

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